We deliver our products through reliable courier service providers: DPD, DHL.

The shipment process takes up to 20 weekdays from the date of the purchase but most of the times it takes 3-4 days.

Delivery is available only within the territory of the Republic of Poland.

On each occasion, the Customer should inspect delivered goods in the presence of the courier. Ask the courier to prepare a relevant report in your presence in the event any mechanical damage is discovered (deformation, dents, missing elements, paint defects). The best option is not to accept damaged goods.

The time required to prepare goods for pickup by the Customer is identical to delivery by courier service. The Customer receives an e-mail message once the goods are ready for pickup.

Delivery charge
The delivery charge consists of several fees:

1. Transport costs
2. Packing costs
3. Payment costs

Re. 1 and 2

We have developed an elaborate system for describing the size of all products. This way, the costs of transport and packing are calculated automatically regardless of the products in the cart or their quantity.

Re. 3

  • Costs of a standard bank transfer: 0 EUR.
  • Costs of payments through the Internet (transfer through the Internet or a card) + 2.5%


All quoted prices are gross figures, i.e. inclusive of 19% VAT.

For your garden



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Products with substantially reduced prices

See products available at substantially reduced prices. The products are brand new, yet the number of available options may be reduced as compared to the standard offer. The number of products is limited.

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3D model

Customize your product

See 3D models of pouffes, furniture, fireplace accessories and other metal products. This way, you can see how a given product would look like with a given upholstery and in a given colour. We are constantly expanding our base of 3D models.

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