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Children's/youth rooms

The room of a child or teenager is a very special room. After all, it serves the young household member as an office for work and study, as well as a bedroom or living room where friends and colleagues meet. Not to mention the fact that teenagers also relax in their own room by watching their favourite TV series, reading books or playing computer games. For this reason, furniture for children's and teenagers' rooms should be as functional as possible. In our Versanis online shop you will find a wide range of furniture for the teenage room, which will make decorating your teenager's room child's play!

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Even though it is "just" a rack, you will be amazed with its simplicity and...

Metal shelving unit - 5 levels

95.00 EUR


The presented shoe shelf is a combination of a functional object and a luxurious...

Metal shoe shelf. Organiser, shoe cabinet

65.00 EUR


The presented product is an ideal decorative element, which will present elegance and...

Metal shoe rack

84.00 EUR


The 78 cm high metal console-shelf is a practical and elegant piece of furniture that...

Console - metal shelf for the entrance hall, extension

287.00 EUR


Does your child like military style? Or are you a fan of it yourself? Then you must...

Metal bed. Military 90x200 bed

338.00 EUR


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