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Children's bed - a favourite place to rest and play

A child's room would not be complete without a comfortable and cosy bed for the child. Choosing one is not easy, because in addition to providing comfort, it must also be able to withstand intensive use and should also steal the child's heart with its very appearance. Our guide will make it easier to choose this important piece of furniture!

The children's bed is by far the most important piece of furniture in a child's room and has a huge impact on a young person's development. Healthy sleep is invaluable for the young body. It allows for proper brain development, facilitates concentration and influences cognitive abilities. So how do you choose the best bed for your child?

What should I consider when buying a bed for my child?

When buying a bed for a child, there are several aspects to pay attention to that will have a huge impact on how the bed will function on a daily basis and what benefits it will bring to the child. Here are the most important parameters to pay attention to:


The child's bed must allow free movement during sleep, but also protect against falling on the floor. Additional side protection should be a must for any cot in which the smallest children sleep, even if you have a low cot. It should provide at least a few tens of centimetres of headroom both laterally and longitudinally. Remember also that babies usually need space in the cot for their cuddly toys!


As with adult beds, the mattress plays a key role in children's beds. Children are constantly growing, so proper support for their skeletal and muscular systems can be crucial throughout their lives. A mattress that is too soft can lead to curvature of the spine and even breathing problems. A mattress that is too firm makes it difficult to rest and can cause joint pain. The mattress should allow air to circulate so that the child does not overheat during sleep.

Supporting the mattress

The frame on which the mattress will rest is very important for comfort during sleep, as well as for the safety of the child. The transverse, flexible cantilever boards that we very often see in children's cots must have stable pockets. They are not only meant to support the weight of the child, but also not to slip out when the user is squirming intensely or scarfing down the mattress.

Sturdy materials and robust construction

Materials are crucial when it comes to the durability and comfort of a children's bed. It is best to opt for construction materials such as solid wood, metal or robust certified plastic. A child's bed is a favourite place for jumping, fiddling and playing hide and seek. Sometimes a parent also has to lie on it when the child is still small and has difficulty falling asleep on his own. It is important that the bed frame can withstand each of these loads. This is particularly important for bunk beds and their top platform. It needs to be stable and immovable so that it does not wobble during play. For bunk beds, it is a good idea to look for designs that offer the possibility of easily anchoring them to the wall.


It's a good idea if your child's bed comes with a very practical drawer for bedding, pyjamas or teddy bears. Any extra storage space is worth its weight in gold when there are more children in the house. By arranging the space at the bottom of the bed or additional shelves on the sides of the bed, you can keep the children's room more tidy.

Which bed for a girl?

Little princesses love pink, sparkles and royal splendour. A bed with a canopy or plush decorative cushions would be a great idea. A real hit for many years has been the "Cinderella" girl's cot in the shape of a pink coach, with a printed pony. A huge advantage of this bed is that it can be adjusted in length by up to 40 cm!

Which bed for a boy?

Boys' beds can also take on a fairytale form. Young men go crazy for beds in the shape of cars, such as the "Speed" racer-shaped children's bed. Sold together with a comfortable mattress, it provides protection during sleep and great fun during the day. The vibrant colours and soft upholstery will make the bed a favourite for every boy.

We hope our guide will help you make a quick and smart choice for your child's bed, and that you and your child will enjoy using it as much as you do. If you need some inspiration, please visit our Versanis shop!


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