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Beds are an absolutely basic element of equipment not only in the bedroom but also in the whole house or apartment. How much time do we spend in sleep, and how important is it in our lives? Exactly! Our offer includes beds that are not only stylish but also functional. Those that - colloquially speaking - will prove themselves in action.

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Does your child like military style? Or are you a fan of it yourself? Then you must...

Metal bed. Military 90x200 bed

329.00 EUR

Beds are an absolutely fundamental piece of furniture, not only on the scale of the bedroom, but also of the entire house or flat. After all, how much time do we spend sleeping and how important is it in our lives? That's right! In our offer you will find beds that are not only stylish, but also functional. The kind of beds that, colloquially speaking, will prove themselves in action.

Our bed range

In this category of our shop we present beds that are versatile and simply diverse - each of them created with the awareness that they will be the focal point of the target bedroom. Within this category, you will find all-metal beds that respond to modern design trends, as well as wooden beds that are synonymous with timeless classics. Many of our models combine wood and metal, cleverly bringing the aforementioned classics into the contemporary world.

The range of beds in our shop includes single and double models, adapted to the most standard mattresses available on the market for your comfort.

How to choose the bed for yourself?

As you can see from the above, our bed ranges are very diverse, making it can be hard to make a final decision on a particular model. So it's best to familiarise yourself with each one, looking at it in terms of its design, size (which consists of width, height and depth), but also how it fits in relation to our bedroom décor. Although most people focus on the colour dominating the right elements of this piece of furniture, it cannot be the only thing you look at when making your choice.

After all, the primary aspect of any bed is not its appearance, but the comfort it provides. Depending on your needs, a bed may be fitted with a soft headrest, which will not only make you feel more comfortable, but will also bring a calming, cosy and warm atmosphere into your bedroom. It can also be fitted with a special container that will make the most of your bedroom space, allowing you to store a spare set of bed linen or clothes or anything else. It is imperative that the bed is the right size, matching not only your own expectations but also the space you have in your bedroom. 

As we said before, it is important to adapt the bed to your individual design tastes, but also to the other accessories and furniture that already exist within the bedroom. The bed is the place to start, and every other element of the bedroom's design should be tailored to it.


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