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Working in an office means spending many hours in one position in front of a computer. That is why it is so important and crucial to create the right conditions for yourself and take care of the ergonomics of your work. One of the key elements to pay special attention to is the office chair. What should you pay attention to when buying such a chair?

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In our shop you can stock up on office chairs completely tailored to your needs and requirements. We offer both simple, classic solutions for the needs of office workers, as well as more advanced models that are perfect as office chairs for CEOs and business owners. Before choosing a specific product, it is important to focus on a few important elements so that you can find the best possible solution.

Backrest - a key element of any office chair.

When choosing a backrest, care should be taken to ensure that it fits the back and supports the spine well. It is also important to choose a model that suits the future owner's height, as this is the only way to ensure ergonomic working. 

What kind of seat should an office chair have?

Another very important element is the seat, with its depth being the most important. It should be chosen so that the legs can rest in a natural position at 90 degrees to the knees. It should therefore be neither too deep, as this can lead to pain, nor too shallow, as this does not provide a comfortable sitting position.

Are armrests compulsory?

Armrests play an extremely important role. If your arms hang in the air or are slightly pressed against the edge of the table, they go numb very quickly and you feel tingling in your arms. It is a good idea if the armrests are adjustable so that they provide maximum comfort when sitting, and you can slide the chair under the desk when you are finished working. 

Adjusting the height of the chair

The adjustment of the chair should not be forgotten either. The height of the seat, as well as the position of the armrests and the tilt of the backrest, must be adjusted to the correct position. If the chair has castors, it is important that they can be locked. 

We hope that the range of products on offer in our shop is attractive enough for you to decide on the right office chair for you. We are convinced that with the help of our experts and the above information, everyone will find the best product for themselves.


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