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Shelves are furniture consisting of horizontal shelves placed on vertical poles or frames. The "shelves - bookcases" category includes various types of shelves, including:

  1. Freestanding shelves - these are shelves that can be placed on the floor without the need to attach them to the wall. They are stable and often used in home libraries, shops or warehouses.

  2. Wall-mounted shelves - these are shelves that are attached to the wall. They are more spatial and ideal for storing books, decorations or kitchen items.

  3. Shelves with doors - these are shelves equipped with doors that protect stored items from dust and moisture. They are often used in kitchens and bathrooms.

  4. Shelves with drawers - these are shelves that have drawers on guides. Ideal for storing lingerie, documents or tools.

  5. Shelves on wheels - these are shelves that can be easily moved and carried. They are ideal for people who often change the arrangement of their interior or need a mobile place to store things.

Shelves are very functional furniture that helps in organizing space and saves space. Thanks to a wide variety of shapes, sizes and functionalities, everyone can find the right shelf for their interior.

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Multilevel Flower Stand - Loft, Polish Product, 6 Levels Exceptionally Sturdy and...

Black metal standing flower stand - 6 levels

97.00 EUR


Even though it is "just" a rack, you will be amazed with its simplicity and...

Metal shelving unit - 5 levels

85.00 EUR



The 78 cm high metal console-shelf is a practical and elegant piece of furniture that...

Console - metal shelf for the entrance hall, extension


197.00 EUR


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