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Hatrack "W-33"

70.00 EUR

For your garden

People living in apartment blocks and multi-family apartment buildings often look with envy towards the owners of single-family houses, who have beautiful, home gardens. However, it is worth remembering that even a small balcony - although it does not provide such large arrangement possibilities as a garden or a plot - can become an atmospheric space to rest or create a small vegetable garden. For this, however, you need high-quality balcony furniture and accessories, which can be found in our Versanis online store.

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Description for a product: Large adjustable balcony planter holder. Adjustable holder...

Balcony box holder - metal, adjustable, large

26.00 EUR


The KLEKS metal plant support is a unique construction made of 4 mm diameter wire....

Flower support. Metal plant support KLEKS

27.00 EUR


The metal plant support made of 4 mm diameter wire is the perfect solution for those...

Potted plant support - ES

27.00 EUR


The metal flower support made of 4 mm thick wire and powder-coated is not only a...

Potted flower support - HONEYCOMB

27.00 EUR


Firstly, sustainable. Secondly, beautiful. Thirdly, minimalist. These are the...

Potted plant support - AŻUR

27.00 EUR


Floral motifs are among the most popular for interior decoration. They introduce a...

Metal support for potted plants - LIŚĆ

26.00 EUR


We know, not everyone likes mathematics but geometric figures are a great motif to use...

Flower and shrub support - GEOMETRIA

26.00 EUR


A unique plant support that will beautify any space perfectly.  With its simple...

Support for plants and shrubs - ŁĄKA

26.00 EUR


If you want your plants to grow healthy, tall and beautiful, in addition to proper...

Flower and shrub support - TIE

26.00 EUR


Are you looking for something that will allow you to properly plumb your flowers and...

Metal flower support - MIŁORZĄB

26.00 EUR


Shipped complete Painted with corrosion-resistant powder paint...

Stemmed plant support

117.00 EUR


Handle made entirely of metal Suitable for garden hoses Available in...

Metal garden dragonfly holder - hanging

30.00 EUR


The handle is all metal Adaptable to garden hoses Available in...

Garden hose rack

138.00 EUR


The metal pot stand from the Versanis online shop range is a stylish addition to the...

Decorative garden flowerbed bowl 162A

153.00 EUR


The metal flowerbed is a stylish addition to the garden, balcony or terrace. Simple in...

Free-standing garden flowerbed

66.00 EUR


Are you dreaming of a spectacular look for your garden or terrace? Choose a modern...

Column flower holder - decorative - 3 bowls

227.00 EUR


The stylish metal gate will help you create a mood like that of a 'Secret...

Metal garden gate/ wedding arch

133.00 EUR


Versanis is a shop where you can buy exclusive and quality accessories for the home,...

Support for climbing plants and shrubs - 45 cm.

30.00 EUR


Versanis is a company that focuses primarily on durable and elegant solutions for the...

Support for plants, shrubs - 60 cm.

31.00 EUR


Three-piece tall flower stand.Every lover of elegant surroundings knows that the...

Support for plants, shrubs - 75 cm.

32.00 EUR


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