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Forged plant stands – large

In this category, you will find impressive, large flower beds made of metal by a Polish manufacturer. They look very effective and will work well both indoors and outdoors. The Versanis online store offers models of various sizes that can be assembled in several ways. We have free-standing and wall-mounted versions. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

ornamented plant stands, columns, tall plant stands

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Four platforms with wooden tops Flower stand width - 20 cm. Universal,...

Metal stand for 4 plants

61.00 EUR


We are proud to present the metal flower stand with an impressive height of 100 cm....

Metal multifunctional stand. Tall flowerbed for potted plants - 100 cm.

30.00 EUR


Present your interior and garden in a modern way with our 100 cm high flowerbed with...

Metal flowerbed. Decorative plant stand. Pedestal - 100 cm.

38.00 EUR


The modern metal plant and floral arrangement stand with an impressive height of 100...

Metal flowerbed. Platform for flowers. LOFT stand

33.00 EUR


Showcase your favourite plants in a modern way with this elegant flowerbed, which...

Flowerpot, modern plant stand - 4 levels

48.00 EUR


Introducing the tall, metal plant stand with two shelves named MEL, bringing elegance...

Metal Plant Stand - MEL - 100 cm.

30.00 EUR


Showcase your favorite plants in a modern style with this stylish plant stand with...

Plant stand with metal shelves. Cascading flower pot.

46.00 EUR


We present a multifunctional stand for potted plants and decorations that will not...

Plant stand. Multifunctional, cascading flower pot.

52.00 EUR


Introducing our metal plant stand for 4 plants with shelves – the ideal solution...

Decorative stand with 4 shelves - metal flowerbed LOFT

45.00 EUR


The modern three-tiered plant stand is a unique interior furnishing element that not...

Tiered flower stand with three shelves

42.00 EUR


Add elegance and style to your interior with our unique metal plant stand with four...

Metal flowerbed, plant stand with four wooden tops.

35.00 EUR


Multilevel Flower Stand - Loft, Polish Product, 6 Levels Exceptionally Sturdy and...

Black metal standing flower stand - 6 levels

97.00 EUR


A 110 cm tall metal planter is an elegant and functional addition to any indoor or...

Vertical flower stand. Metal flower stand for 4 plants

40.00 EUR


Do you like combinations of comfort and romance? A single flowerbed with delicate,...

Single flowerbed. Metal plant stand

111.00 EUR


Want to make your favourite potted plant visible in an original way? The beautiful...

Metal single flower bed with leaves

61.00 EUR


Simple and modern, yet with a subtle touch of romance, the single pot stand can be...

Flowerbed 1 per pot

54.00 EUR


The presented product is a subtle proposal for a unique flowerbed. It provides space...

Metal single flower bed

49.00 EUR


The presented product is a combination of class and modernity in one. The flowerbed...

Podium flower stand for one plant. Flower stand

51.00 EUR


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