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Shoe benches

Modern shoe benches with metal frames decorated with decorations look great in any interior. They are suitable for a hallway in a house, flat or flat - thanks to their elegant design, they fit even representative spaces, perfectly matching any arrangement. They have decorative functions, enliven the room and are practical - they serve as a place where you can sit for a while while putting on or taking off your shoes.

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When choosing a particular piece of furniture, each of us wants to choose a product...

Metal pouffe with upholstered seat. Footstool

97.00 EUR


The metal pouffe with upholstered seat is a stylish and functional piece of furniture...

Footstool. Hallway bench with seat

192.00 EUR


A simple, solid design that draws heavily on the past, yet is perfectly at home in...

Metal bench for hallway with upholstery

201.00 EUR


Comfortable and practical, yet stylish, the upholstered bench is a dream piece of...

Bench with upholstered seat

207.00 EUR


A unique shoe bench that is not only practical, but also elegant and unique. This...

Large shoe shelf with upholstered seat

230.00 EUR


The upholstered pouffe from the offer of the Versanis.pl online shop is a high-quality...

Double shoe shelf pouffe

117.00 EUR


The upholstered pouffe will be useful in a hallway, lobby or corridor, whether at home...

Shoe shelf with backrest and upholstered seat

120.00 EUR


A shoe cabinet with a seat and backrest is a practical yet striking solution to save...

Upholstered shoe bench with double shelf

115.00 EUR


The upholstered pouffe from the Versanis shop's offer is a high quality piece of...

Hallway shelf with seat

91.00 EUR


Pohodlná a praktická lavice s čalouněným sedákem se bude...

Upholstered shoe bench

124.00 EUR


The upholstered, elongated shoe shelf with seat is a practical and very elegant...

Shoe rack with seat

105.00 EUR


The product presented here is a stylish two-in-one solution, combining a seating bench...

Shoe bench with two shelves and seat

183.00 EUR


The upholstered pouffe is a practical solution for comfort and space saving even in a...

Hallway bench, Upholstered footstool

182.00 EUR


Sophisticated and practical furniture will help you save space in a small hallway or...

Hallway bench with upholstered seat

151.00 EUR


The upholstered hallway seat with additional shelf is synonymous with ingenious...

Modern bench with shoe rack

105.00 EUR


Do you like practical yet stylish solutions that help organise space and save time?...

Shoe shelf with seat - Loft 70

116.00 EUR


Arrange your space imaginatively while saving space and time! For your hallway or...

Shoe shelf with seat - Loft 90

147.00 EUR


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