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Fireplace accessories

A fireplace is an extremely effective home decoration, which can look even better thanks to the appropriate setting. Metal fireplace accessories perfectly complement any concept of a peaceful fireplace, making the interior even more stylish, luxurious, and at the same time cozy and functional. This is because wrought utensils not only look good, but are also extremely durable and useful for lighting and protecting a fire.

fireplace accessories, baskets for wood

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The items that can be found in the Versanis shop are undoubtedly eye-catching - they...

Fireplace accessory kit

72.00 EUR


Beautiful and sturdy accessories for your home, garden or office can be found in the...

Accessories for fireplace maintenance

61.00 EUR


The products proposed by Versanis not only look great, but are also very durable. Made...

Stand - large wood basket for the fireplace

82.00 EUR


Versanis is a shop specialising in truly exquisite objects of applied art. Among the...

Large fireplace set with wood basket

99.00 EUR


The wood basket will come in handy for all owners of a barbecue or hearth in the...

Wood basket for the fireplace

64.00 EUR


If you are looking for unique and one-of-a-kind functional art objects, you will...

Firewood basket

61.00 EUR


Are you the lucky owner of a living room or bedroom with a fireplace? Take care of...

Wood rack for fireplace

74.00 EUR


Having your own fireplace is a dream for many people. If you have already fulfilled...

Wood basket. Wood rack for fireplace

41.00 EUR


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