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Seemingly seasonal, but what is important - winter decorations. It is these little things that will make this cold season an unforgettable time spent with loved ones and having fun. Most of us cannot imagine Christmas without a beautifully decorated, live Christmas tree. In order for a cut tree to please the eyes, it must have adequate support. As Christmas lovers, we come to the rescue by offering you a wide selection of Christmas tree stands, which with their simple, but extremely elaborate workmanship will decorate the base of the Christmas tree.

And when it comes to the Christmas tree, Christmas balls must not be missing. Colorful, shiny, hand-painted wonders, probably not all of them will fit on a tree ...
But it is good. The stands for baubles have been created so that these beautiful decorations can safely decorate not only the Christmas tree.

And on snowy winter days, the best fun is a sleigh ride or a sledge. You will also find these in our offer. Tailored so that everyone can find the perfect model for themselves.
Are you looking for a child sledge with a handle or maybe a sledge for special tasks? You will find them with us.

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Versanis is the place to find things that are both beautiful and useful, using them...

Christmas tree bauble stand

2.00 EUR


Home Accessories and Gadgets - that's exactly what you'll find at the Versanis...

Christmas Ornament Stand, Medium size

1.60 EUR


he "Small Christmas Ornament Stand" is not just a product; it's the...

Small Christmas Ornament Stand

22.80 EUR


The children's sled is the perfect solution for winter afternoons and for...

Metal sled for children

79.00 EUR


Do you love time spent together with your little one? The sled is the perfect way to...

Metal sled with backrest

84.00 EUR


Are you looking for a sled that will remind you of the joyful, carefree moments of...

Metal sled with backrest and handle.

106.00 EUR


A sleigh ride is not only a great idea for organising children's free time during...

Large sled

259.00 EUR


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