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The sledge is of course an indispensable gadget in the winter season. Each of us certainly remembers the times of childhood, when we carelessly devoted ourselves to sledding. Our offer includes metal and wooden sleds, which were made to make the youngest happy. At the same time, we care about the safety of children by offering a product without sharp edges or elements that could pose a threat.

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The children's sled is the perfect solution for winter afternoons and for...

Metal sled for children

61.00 EUR


Do you love time spent together with your little one? The sled is the perfect way to...

Metal sled with backrest

67.00 EUR


Are you looking for a sled that will remind you of the joyful, carefree moments of...

Metal sled with backrest and handle.

87.00 EUR


A sleigh ride is not only a great idea for organising children's free time during...

Large sled

210.00 EUR


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