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Flowerbeds - small

The category "Low Flower Stands" refers to low, metal-made stands or bases for plants. These are decorative elements that serve to display flowers, herbs, or indoor plants on the floor, table, or windowsill. They are characterized by a solid, metallic construction that is stable and durable. They can have various shapes such as round, square, rectangular, and also various patterns, decorations, or paintings that give them an aesthetic appearance. These flower stands can be used in various rooms such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and even outside on the terrace or balcony. They are also ideal for presenting plants in garden centers, florists, or plant exhibitions. The category "Low Flower Stands" is an excellent choice for people who appreciate aesthetic solutions in interior design and want to decorate their apartment or office space.

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Made of metal Designed for one pot Protected with moisture and weather...

Standing wire flower bed - LOREN

39.00 EUR


Diameter of the flower base - 16 cm. Universal, minimalist shape Stable...

Metal flower stand. Flower stand - ROŻEK

40.00 EUR


Made of metal Suitable for a flower pot Protected with moisture- and...

Single plant stand. Flowerbed - LOFTY

38.00 EUR


Robust and stable construction Painted with a high-temperature curing powder...

Metal standing flower bed for three flowerpots - TRIO

52.00 EUR


Robust and stable construction. Powder-coated and hardened at a high...

Multipurpose flowerbed - KOSTKA

32.00 EUR


Base dimensions 20x20 cm. Universal, minimalist shape Stable and robust...

Wire wall florist - SLICE

37.00 EUR


Robust and stable construction Painted with high-temperature curing powder...

Rectangular wire flowerbed - FORMA

53.00 EUR


The elegant and modern metal plant stand has been designed with plant lovers and...

LOFT standing metal flowerbed - 40 cm.

34.00 EUR


The 70 cm. high metal flowerbed is a product carefully designed for those who...

Metal standing flowerbed. LOFT plant stand 70 cm.

38.00 EUR


We are proud to present the metal flower stand with an impressive height of 100 cm....

Metal multifunctional stand. Tall flowerbed for potted plants - 100 cm.

40.00 EUR


This elegant and modern metal flowerbed designed for one plant is the perfect...

Metal standing flowerbed. LOFT plant stand 60 cm.

36.00 EUR


Elegant and functional, this plant stand combines modernity with timeless design. Made...

Flowerbed. Metal plant stand 80 cm.

41.00 EUR


The low metal flower bed for potted plants and floral arrangements is not only a...

Decorative metal flowerbed. LOFT multifunctional stand - 40 cm.

39.00 EUR


The 70 cm high minimalist decorative single flowerbed is not only an elegant...

Metal flowerbed for one plant. Decorative flower stand LOFT - 70 cm.

45.00 EUR


A 70 cm tall flower stand is a stylish and functional element that will enhance the...

Metal plant stand. Flowerbed 70 cm. in loft style

39.00 EUR


The single plant flowerbed with metal top is the perfect combination of functionality...

Metal plant stand. Flowerbed 70 cm. in LOFT style.

36.00 EUR


Versanis offers quality products for homes, offices and gardens. Among the items...

Single metal flowerbed. Plant stand

60.00 EUR


Versanis is a brand that produces high-quality products to meet the needs of its...

Flower stand. Metal single flower stand

149.00 EUR


The modern heart-shaped flowerbed will find its place both inside residential and...

Flowerbed Heart 1

59.00 EUR


The low flower shelf from the offer of the Versanis online shop is part of the trend...

Flowerbed low 1-piece

45.00 EUR


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