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Christmas tree stand

Christmas tree stands are a great way to make our Christmas tree look really phenomenal during the holiday season. Colorful decorations, shiny baubles, chains or lamps are not everything. A suitable tree stand is essential, which will not only emphasize the natural beauty of the tree, but also keep it fresh for a long time. Our offer includes stylish Christmas tree stands that will guarantee stability and safety.

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Who among us has not dreamed of a real, tall Christmas tree, full of holiday...

Christmas tree stand

22.40 EUR


Looking for an elegant Christmas tree stand to add a festive touch to your interior?...

Christmas tree stand XXL

63.00 EUR


Home accessories add a specific character to the home, especially during the special...

Christmas tree stand

52.00 EUR


No Christmas without a green and forest-smelling tree! To minimise the annual hassle...

Christmas tree stand with water tank

45.00 EUR


The Christmas tree stand is the ideal solution for owners of large Christmas trees....

Large Christmas tree stand with water dispenser

44.00 EUR


Looking for Christmas gadgets for your home? The large stand will not only guarantee...

Christmas tree stand - Ekono

41.00 EUR


Christmas tree stand - a gadget that is practically indispensable in every home during...

Metal Christmas tree stand

37.00 EUR


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