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Tube plant stands

Tubular flower beds - including tall flower beds (fixed from the floor to the ceiling) are a cheaper way to arrange many flowers. At the same time, thanks to the wide range of colors of the flower beds, it is possible to maintain originality and fit the room in which they will be located. The advantage of these flower stands is their light structure and small dimensions of transport after folding.

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Applied art at its best - this is how you can describe the products in the Versanis...

Wire flowerbed - twisted column

43.00 EUR


The presented product is a classic flowerbed model, which will fit perfectly into any...

Twisted metal flowerbed for two plants

40.00 EUR


A stylish flowerbed with space for seven flowerpots - which potted flower lover...

Standing twist flowerbed. Flower stand

56.00 EUR


The metal strut flowerbed can be easily assembled on its own using tubes that span...

Flower stand - telescopic for 11 plants

69.00 EUR


The biggest advantage of the presented product is the possibility of placing a large...

Telescopic flowerbed for 11 plants

67.00 EUR


The strut flowerbed is the ideal solution for plant lovers who want to enjoy their...

Flower stand. Cascade flowerbed for 8 plants

66.00 EUR


It is a flowerbed that will display a variety of plants, highlighting their natural...

Tall flowerbed - telescopic stand for 15 plants

57.00 EUR


A tubular flowerbed for your home! Introducing a stylish and elegant tubular...

Single metal flowerbed

20.40 EUR


The metal self-assembly flowerbed for three plants is a practical and aesthetically...

Metal flowerbed. Minimalist stand for 3 plants

42.00 EUR


A slender tubular flowerbed designed to hold several pots. The product is both a...

Multilevel flowerbed for 3 plants

41.00 EUR


The presented product is a great way to create original and unique plant compositions...

Metal flowerbed for 5 plants

49.00 EUR


A flowerbed giving space to several potted plants? This is a great solution! The...

Classic twisted flowerbed for 5 flowerpots

43.00 EUR


Do you like flowers and want to display them nicely? A small flowerbed designed for...

Flower stand. Metal flower stand for 5 pots

40.00 EUR


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