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Balcony flower baskets

Balcony box baskets are a category of products designed for use on balconies or terraces where there is a need to store and display plants in containers. These baskets are usually made of plastic or metal that is resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation.

In the category of balcony box baskets, you can find various sizes and models that are tailored to different types of balcony boxes. The range includes baskets with different capacities and shapes, such as rectangular, square, circular, and oval. Some baskets have additional features, such as special handles for mounting to railings or adjustable bases that allow for customization to different balcony box dimensions.

In this category, you can also find balcony box baskets in different styles and colors, which allow for easy customization to balcony or terrace arrangements. Some baskets have decorative cutouts or ornamental patterns that add aesthetics and elegance.

Balcony box baskets are an ideal solution for people who want to create a beautiful garden on their balcony or terrace without the need to start a traditional garden. With these baskets, you can easily store and display plants in containers while also saving space and time required for maintaining large gardens.

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The presented basket is designed for large pots with magnificent flower compositions....

Basket, balcony box holder - 60 cm.

19.80 EUR


The presented product will find its application above all on balconies. It will allow...

Holder, basket for balcony box - 50 cm.

19.20 EUR


Versanis is a company that offers unique accessories for the home and garden. In the...

Balcony box basket - 40 cm.

18.80 EUR



In the Versanis shop you will find the necessary items to beautifully furnish the room...

Balcony flower holder - fi 20 cm.


10.80 EUR


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