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Plant support

Metal plant supports are a category of gardening products that serve to support and shape plants. These supports are made of metal rods, wires or grids, which allow the plants to be propped up and grow in a certain direction.

Depending on the type of plants, metal supports can have different shapes and sizes. The supports can be simple, only serving to hold the plant, or more complex, serving to give the plant a certain shape.

Among the metal plant supports, there are various types, such as:

  • Metal grids for climbing plants, which serve to support plants such as roses or grapevines;
  • Metal stands, which serve to support plants with upright stems such as flowers or vegetables;
  • Metal arches, which allow for the creation of a tunnel for plants such as the Clematis climbing plant;
  • Metal hooks, which allow for hanging baskets of flowers or flower pots.

Metal plant supports are popular products in gardening, as they are durable and weather-resistant, and also provide an aesthetic decorative element for the garden or terrace. 

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