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Small tables

Not everyone needs a huge dining table, not everyone has a place for it. In such a situation, smaller tables are perfect. In our offer you will find these small pieces of furniture in various sizes and shapes, so you can fit them in any space of your home.

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This is a true best-seller. Beautiful, exceptional and yet very convenient with plenty...

Coffee table with glass top

160.00 EUR


This unique table will be perfect wherever there is no room for a classic table. It...

Metal coffee table with glass top

170.00 EUR


Are you a fan of Scandinavian simplicity or do you simply appreciate good design?...

Coffee table for the living room. Accessory

71.00 EUR


A small, functional table is the perfect complement to a set of furniture in the...

Coffee table mini

78.00 EUR


The undeniable value of excellent design is its versatility and timelessness....

Loft coffee table with metal base

240.00 EUR


It is hard to imagine a more apt and versatile design than the combination of an...

Metal top table - loft style

239.00 EUR


When planning the furnishing of the living room, it is worth considering the...

Oak coffee table. Loft table with shelf

354.00 EUR


What is it about a table designed with the living room or lounge in mind that makes it...

Coffee table with wooden top

307.00 EUR


I think a fair number of women will admit that there should be a place in the home...

Table with wooden top. Supporting shelf

143.00 EUR


A modern table with a thick wooden top on a solid metal structure is a piece of...

Coffee table - extension

141.00 EUR


The small table with oiled wooden top is a piece of furniture that can make its...

Functional table - furniture accessory

128.00 EUR


Decorating the living room in many cases starts with finding furniture that combines...

Coffee table with two shelves

383.00 EUR


When decorating a living room, it is not easy to find functional and at the same time...

Coffee table. Rectangular bench for the living room

267.00 EUR


Small and unobtrusive, the round table is a solution that would work well in modern...

Stylish coffee table in solid wood

294.00 EUR


We are increasingly willing to look for solutions that not only prove themselves from...

Coffee table, round in solid wood

337.00 EUR


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