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To create space in the hall, the following will be perfect: shoe benches with a shelf, pouffes, stools and stools. Convenient shoe shelves can also be used in the waiting rooms of salons and offices. They will ensure the comfort and convenience of your customers. Retro and modern furniture will blend in with the style of the room. In addition, even the most original layouts can be selected from a wide selection of upholstery and colors. The offer also includes various types of tables ("coffee" tables, corner tables, round tables) that work well both inside the apartment and outside, for example in the garden.

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Are you looking for a stand, podium or perhaps a tiny table? The new multifunctional...

Metal flowerbed. Mini plant stand

56.00 EUR


Width of flower base - 22 cm. Universal, minimalist shape Stable and...

Universal hanging shelf. Wall florist

41.00 EUR


Width of flower base - 22 cm. Universal, minimalist shape Stable and...

Wall florist, shelf with top

41.00 EUR


Width of flower base - 22 cm. Universal, minimalist shape Stable and...

Wall shelf for flowers

40.00 EUR


Kapelańczyk is a brand that focuses on design, high quality and the complete...

Upholstered seat pouffe, bench

199.00 EUR


When choosing a particular piece of furniture, each of us wants to choose a product...

Metal pouffe with upholstered seat. Footstool

108.00 EUR


The metal pouffe with upholstered seat is a stylish and functional piece of furniture...

Footstool. Hallway bench with seat

234.00 EUR


Even though it is "just" a rack, you will be amazed with its simplicity and...

Metal shelving unit - 5 levels

95.00 EUR


This is a true best-seller. Beautiful, exceptional and yet very convenient with plenty...

Coffee table with glass top

159.00 EUR


This unique table will be perfect wherever there is no room for a classic table. It...

Metal coffee table with glass top

169.00 EUR


A simple, solid design that draws heavily on the past, yet is perfectly at home in...

Metal bench for hallway with upholstery

242.00 EUR


Comfortable and practical, yet stylish, the upholstered bench is a dream piece of...

Bench with upholstered seat

249.00 EUR


A unique shoe bench that is not only practical, but also elegant and unique. This...

Large shoe shelf with upholstered seat

274.00 EUR


The elegant and comfortable pouffe is worth having at hand in the hallway, lobby or...

Large pouffe for the hallway. Upholstered seat

192.00 EUR


An extremely chic pouffeur with fabric upholstery is an ideal choice not only for...

Upholstered pouffe. Hallway seat

102.00 EUR


The presented shoe shelf is a combination of a functional object and a luxurious...

Metal shoe shelf. Organiser, shoe cabinet

67.00 EUR


The presented product is an ideal decorative element, which will present elegance and...

Metal shoe rack

85.00 EUR


The upholstered pouffe from the offer of the Versanis.pl online shop is a high-quality...

Double shoe shelf pouffe

129.00 EUR


The upholstered pouffe will be useful in a hallway, lobby or corridor, whether at home...

Shoe shelf with backrest and upholstered seat

131.00 EUR


A shoe cabinet with a seat and backrest is a practical yet striking solution to save...

Upholstered shoe bench with double shelf

126.00 EUR


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