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Pot handles, adjustable and non-adjustable hooks for the balcony - Plants are a universal decoration that will work in any house or apartment. Green is a rest for the eyes and calms the mind, which is why it should surround each of us. The most frequently cared for flowers are ferns, ivy, geraniums, orchids, fuchsia and cacti. In the interiors, their display will be best suited for free-standing and wall-mounted flowerbeds, while outside - specialized metal handles. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

metal plant pot holders

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Description for a product: Large adjustable balcony planter holder. Adjustable holder...

Balcony box holder - metal, adjustable, large

13.80 EUR



A modern product that allows you to create a charming decoration on the small space of...

Balcony box holder - wire


7.60 EUR


This product is a very stylish and elegant way to hang various types of boxes or pots....

Plant holder. Metal plant holder

15.50 EUR


Versanis - this is where you will find the most beautiful functional art objects to...

Wall mount for flowerpots. Flower hanger

22.70 EUR


The presented basket is designed for large pots with magnificent flower compositions....

Basket, balcony box holder - 60 cm.

19.60 EUR


The presented product will find its application above all on balconies. It will allow...

Holder, basket for balcony box - 50 cm.

18.90 EUR


Versanis is a company that offers unique accessories for the home and garden. In the...

Balcony box basket - 40 cm.

18.50 EUR



In the Versanis shop you will find the necessary items to beautifully furnish the room...

Balcony flower holder - fi 20 cm


12.50 EUR


Versanis is a place full of beautiful and useful everyday objects. Here you will find...

Balcony box holder - wire

11.20 EUR


At Versanis you will find everything you could possibly need for your home or garden....

Hanging pot holder

19.50 EUR


The balcony box holder allows you to create unique flower arrangements to enhance any...

Balcony pot holder - metal, non-adjustable

11.80 EUR


A balcony is usually a small space that is a continuation of the living area. The best...

Balcony box holder - adjustable

12.40 EUR


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