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Beautiful interiors need beautiful decorations. But why shouldn't they be durable and serve for many years? Metalwork from Versanis provides a range of possibilities, thanks to which the interior of our houses or premises can take on a completely new, not only aesthetic, but also functional and solid character. This is because elegant, forged ornaments often have many practical uses as well.

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Are you looking for a stand, podium or perhaps a tiny table? The new multifunctional...

Metal flowerbed. Mini plant stand

56.00 EUR


Made with the utmost care Covered with a lacquer coating resistant to...

Toilet paper rack

35.00 EUR


Four platforms with wooden tops Flower stand width - 20 cm. Universal,...

Metal stand for 4 plants

74.00 EUR


Advantages of the stand made of metal powder-coated for protection...

Towel hanger. 2-armed bathroom hanger

39.00 EUR


We present a beautiful metal towel rack available in four colour variants. It has been...

Towel rack. 3 arm bathroom hanger

49.00 EUR


Made of metal Powder coated to protect against corrosion, moisture and colour...

Towel rack. 4 arm bathroom hanger

54.00 EUR


The elegant and modern metal plant stand has been designed with plant lovers and...

LOFT standing metal flowerbed - 40 cm.

34.00 EUR


The 70 cm. high metal flowerbed is a product carefully designed for those who...

Metal standing flowerbed. LOFT plant stand 70 cm.

38.00 EUR


We are proud to present the metal flower stand with an impressive height of 100 cm....

Metal multifunctional stand. Tall flowerbed for potted plants - 100 cm.

40.00 EUR


This elegant and modern metal flowerbed designed for one plant is the perfect...

Metal standing flowerbed. LOFT plant stand 60 cm.

36.00 EUR


Elegant and functional, this plant stand combines modernity with timeless design. Made...

Flowerbed. Metal plant stand 80 cm.

41.00 EUR


The low metal flower bed for potted plants and floral arrangements is not only a...

Decorative metal flowerbed. LOFT multifunctional stand - 40 cm.

39.00 EUR


The 70 cm high minimalist decorative single flowerbed is not only an elegant...

Metal flowerbed for one plant. Decorative flower stand LOFT - 70 cm.

45.00 EUR


Present your interior and garden in a modern way with our 100 cm high flowerbed with...

Metal flowerbed. Decorative plant stand. Pedestal - 100 cm.

49.00 EUR


The modern metal plant and floral arrangement stand with an impressive height of 100...

Metal flowerbed. Platform for flowers. LOFT stand

44.00 EUR


A 70 cm tall flower stand is a stylish and functional element that will enhance the...

Metal plant stand. Flowerbed 70 cm. in loft style

39.00 EUR


The single plant flowerbed with metal top is the perfect combination of functionality...

Metal plant stand. Flowerbed 70 cm. in LOFT style.

36.00 EUR


Choose a brand that knows the needs of its customers and creates excellent solutions...

Flowerbed, diagonal plant stand with top

69.00 EUR


Choosing the Kapelańczyk brand, you can be sure of the highest quality of furniture...

Stand, metal flowerbed with top - straight

68.00 EUR


If you want to bet on a brand that will be able to offer you the highest quality...

Metal flowerbed, diagonal stand with top

77.00 EUR


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