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Shoe rack

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OB-015 Upholstery OB-015 OB-015 OB-015
OB-016 Upholstery OB-016 OB-016 OB-016
OB-018 Upholstery OB-018 OB-018 OB-018
OB-019 Upholstery OB-019 OB-019 OB-019
OB-023 Upholstery OB-023 OB-023 OB-023
OB-024 Upholstery OB-024 OB-024 OB-024
OB-029 Upholstery OB-029 OB-029 OB-029
OB-027 Upholstery OB-027 OB-027 OB-027
OB-003 Upholstery OB-003 OB-003 OB-003
OB-030 Upholstery OB-030 OB-030 OB-030
OB-032 Upholstery OB-032 OB-032 OB-032

This shoe rack is an indispensable accessory in any house. Very convenient and stable and yet elegant. This shoe rack is suitable for a lounge, a hallway or an anteroom. The frame of the rack is made of metal. It has two shelves. The s-shaped decorative elements make the rack even more unique. Upholstered seat.

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