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Metal flowerbed, straight plant stand with top

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EUR 73.00 New 2023-10-05 Metal flowerbed, straight plant stand with top 5903154927030 516
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Interior decorations / Stands - Stand

Choosing the right furniture for a particular interior is an extremely important task. If we want to bet on original, unique and one-of-a-kind furniture, Kapelańczyk is certainly a brand that can offer us the best solutions to use in interestingly designed spaces.

Medium stand - quality in good workmanship

The presented stand has an extremely simple design, and this is what makes it a delight to its recipients. It is made of black metal and has a wooden top, which can be selected in lighter or darker colours, depending on your preferences and interior style.

What can the stand be used for?

It is very versatile. It works well as a stand for a flowerpot, as a piece of furniture to place candles or other decorative items or as a stand for a floor lamp. It can therefore be placed in the living room, bedroom, hallway, but also in the waiting room, study, office and any other room. The most important thing is to choose the right lamp and match it to the room in an interesting way, so that it creates a unique whole. We are convinced that it will delight even the most demanding viewer.

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