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Living room

Beautiful, matching the style of the interior, but above all functional and long-lasting - that's what poufs and armchairs in the living room should look like. Check the VERSANIS offer - our items prove that design and comfort do not have to be mutually exclusive.

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Width of flower base - 22 cm. Universal, minimalist shape Stable and...

Universal hanging shelf. Wall florist

29.00 EUR


Width of flower base - 22 cm. Universal, minimalist shape Stable and...

Wall florist, shelf with top

29.00 EUR


Multilevel Flower Stand - Loft, Polish Product, 6 Levels Exceptionally Sturdy and...

Black metal standing flower stand - 6 levels

97.00 EUR


Even though it is "just" a rack, you will be amazed with its simplicity and...

Metal shelving unit - 5 levels

80.00 EUR


This is a true best-seller. Beautiful, exceptional and yet very convenient with plenty...

Coffee table with glass top

108.00 EUR


This unique table will be perfect wherever there is no room for a classic table. It...

Metal coffee table with glass top

113.00 EUR


The presented shoe shelf is a combination of a functional object and a luxurious...

Metal shoe shelf. Organiser, shoe cabinet

52.00 EUR


The presented product is an ideal decorative element, which will present elegance and...

Metal shoe rack

70.00 EUR



The 78 cm high metal console-shelf is a practical and elegant piece of furniture that...

Console - metal shelf for the entrance hall, extension


195.00 EUR


Are you a fan of Scandinavian simplicity or do you simply appreciate good design?...

Coffee table for the living room. Accessory

56.00 EUR


A small, functional table is the perfect complement to a set of furniture in the...

Coffee table mini

62.00 EUR


The undeniable value of excellent design is its versatility and timelessness....

Loft coffee table with metal base

190.00 EUR


It is hard to imagine a more apt and versatile design than the combination of an...

Metal top table - loft style

189.00 EUR


When planning the furnishing of the living room, it is worth considering the...

Oak coffee table. Loft table with shelf

304.00 EUR


What is it about a table designed with the living room or lounge in mind that makes it...

Coffee table with wooden top

256.00 EUR


I think a fair number of women will admit that there should be a place in the home...

Table with wooden top. Supporting shelf

126.00 EUR


A modern table with a thick wooden top on a solid metal structure is a piece of...

Coffee table - extension

124.00 EUR


The items that can be found in the Versanis shop are undoubtedly eye-catching - they...

Fireplace accessory kit

57.00 EUR


The small table with oiled wooden top is a piece of furniture that can make its...

Functional table - furniture accessory

111.00 EUR


Beautiful and sturdy accessories for your home, garden or office can be found in the...

Accessories for fireplace maintenance

45.00 EUR


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